Our Philosophies

Marrying physics and data-driven approaches to obtain novel solutions to difficult problems. We believe that optimum solutions to multi-variable design problems can be obtained when we harness the advantages offered by physics, structure, and data. Importantly, with this approach, we can control for and negate the drawbacks of each approach by using an orthogonal method.

Multitargeting for higher efficacy, simpler administration, and improved safety profile. The world is moving away from the concept of looking at a drug as a “magic bullet” that binds one target and misses everything else. It is widely acknowledged that efficacious drugs modulate multiple pathways in the body. We are focused on rationally identifying novel target sets and rationally designing single molecules that modulate these to provide “first-in-class” candidates for a variety of diseases.

Better designs to impact global challenges – Whereas potency and specificity are often the headline design variables, factors like cost and manufacturability are often where even the most promising molecules stumble. By complementing our design capabilities with molecule production platforms and including cost and feasibility at scale as key design parameters, we are offering the best chance for the most promising molecules to have a global impact.